• EFITAM’s parent company was created 35 years ago when a Paris-based industrial consortium was asked to supply Dassault Aviation with sheet-metal for aero structures.
  • Over the years EFITAM specialized in metal processing and mechanics for aeronautics.
    A few crises in the sector provided the opportunity to start a new expertise in the fields of mechanical industry and nuclear energy.
    New names were added to the list of prestigious customers such as Dassault Aviation, Eurocopter, Zodiac Aerospace, Areva, EDF, Schneider Electric, Essilor…
  • In 2007 FREGATE, a family-owned holding company took over and EFITAM became a company of its own.
  • In 2008 EFIMEC, that is now FREGATE ENERGIE was created to focus on equipment engineering for the industry in general and production of energy in particular.
    After the 2009 crisis, the consortium’s activities expanded thanks to growing demand on the airplane market as well as modernization of nuclear plants.
  • in 2018 Efitam become FREGATE AERO

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I can identify with the words of the famous industrialist which express my interest in industry. FREGATE AERO is an industrial company that aims at producing high quality goods. In order to do that ideas must be applied but mostly they must put into regular practice to become what we now call standards.
Our whole team is dedicated to implementing and maintaining these standards at every level of the firm and in each of its activities to ensure top quality customer service.
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